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Mechanical Movement

What is a mechanical watch?
Mechanical watches keep time using an intricate system of springs, gears, and cogs, which are powered by a winding spring that stores and slowly releases the energy needed to power the watch. This type of movement does not use a battery or other electrical power source. Manual and automatic watches are classed as mechanical.

Mechanical watches is the oldest type of watch movement made, dating back to the 16th century. The intricate mechanism in these watches can often only be described as art. nowadays reading time becomes an afterthought as these classic wristwatches transpire into something else. They are more appropriately termed timepieces, collector's items and accessories.

Mechanical Watch Movement
A mechanical world of complex spiraling springs and moving gears that fuel the movement of the watch hands with elegant accuracy.
The “movement”, made up of hundreds of parts, can be called the “heart” of the mechanical watch.

The winding of the spring causes the “heart” to beat, and this humanlike quality is one of the unique beauties of the mechanical watch, which continues to be loved around the world.

The movement of a mechanical watch is basically comprised of three main parts:
1) The mainspring for power
2) The gears that transmit the power and move the hands
3) The balance wheel that oscillates back and forth, maintaining precision

Benefits Of Mechanical Movement
Longevity: A well-built mechanical watch will last a lifetime with proper care.
Eco-friendly: You don’t need to worry about any battery replacements, which are always an inconvenience.
Ready to Use: These watches can be used immediately just by winding them, even after long intervals.
Decency: Many consider manual rewinding of a simple mechanic wristwatch to be a strongly desirable ritual.
Aesthetics: Many mechanical timepieces have a clear sapphire casing on the back which gives a clear view of the fascinating rotations and oscillations of the minute working parts.